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Lemaitre Dealer
Lemaitre Dealer

Lemaitre Dealer

Lemaitre S3 Dealer Boot

  • Due to the curved nature of the Parabolic sole, when you walk your weight is initially transferred to the studs on the edge of the sole. This has a gripping effect on soft ground a bit like studs on a football boot. This allows more traction and helps reduce slips. A fraction of a second later your weight pushes the rest of the sole down to create more surface contact.This then has a rebound effect as you take your next step as the energy rebounds to put a spring in your step helping to reduce leg fatigue.
  • Grip A concave structure allows progressive bending of the sole for maximum grip.
  • Comfort when walking With every step, the recycled energy gives you a spring in your step and provides anti-fatigue effect to your legs.
  • Colour: Brown
  • Size: 06-13
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Sku Lemaitre Dealer/Brwn/39