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Combo Hose Stand
Combo Hose Stand
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Westaro Hosing Ltd supply a Combo Hose Stand around Ireland.The stands are available in hardware shops and farming co–ops. We supply three main types of hoses on this stand:1) NTS White Plus Technology, 2) Industrial Technical Hose, 3) Refittex Gas Din 4815.
Combo Hose Stand 1

1. NTS White Plus Technology

A special superior flexible hose with a mesh reinforcement preventing kinks,twists and makes it very easy to use.

Sizes: 12.5mm, 19mm,  25mm, 30mm, 38mm.

Bar:     30           24      22          18

Structure: Five layer hose, white enforcement, layer black anti-algae layer, white inner layer and special anti-uv composition to prevent the hose ageing.

User: Suitable for construction, agriculture, wash down hose and in many cases a high quality garden hose.

2. Industrial Technical Hoses 

Clear braided hose

Sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm.

Bar:    20      20      20         12        10       4

Structure: Flexible PVC hose with textile reinforcement.

Uses: Suitable for food liquids passage without pressure in compliance with EU Directive (REG.EU 10/2011 A-B-C-D2) with the KTW guidelines for the contact with drinkable water.

3. Refittex Gas Din 4815

Size: 9mm 

Applicants: Gas delivery hose for house application in compliance with DIN 4815 (German standard).

Structure: Three layers PVC hose with high tenacity polyester textile reinforcement made with waterproof and gas resistance mixture.

Working Temperature: -20°C to 70°C

Important Notice To Retailers & Ens Users:
When using LPG Gas Hose you must get a certified Gas Installer to install Gas Hose.
No responsibility will be taken by supplier for any damages/ costs arising from non certified installation work. This safety notice must be displayed on all Combo Stands.
It is recommended that hoses are sold at 1 Metre lengths.